The water purifier should be bought well, and it must be well maintained.

The water purifier should be bought well, and it must be well maintained.

 Today, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and water purifiers have become a hot spot for maintaining domestic water.  In the process of using the water purifier, we should also pay attention to some details, so that the water purifier can better purify the water.  So, how to use the water purifier, what are the water purifier maintenance methods?

How to use the water purifier?

 1. Frequent flushing of the water purifier can effectively extend the service life of the water purifier.

 2. Do not use the water purifier for more than three days. When using it again, repeat the flushing of the water purifier for 2-5 minutes until the water in the water purifier is drained.

 3. In the case of tap water stoppage, first open the sewage faucet to drain the sediment, rust, etc. in the water pipe, and then open the purified water for the faucet.

 4. With the long-term use of the water purifier, the water production will decrease, but the water quality is still qualified. Please feel free to use it.

 5. When the water purifier fails, immediately close the tap water inlet valve and cut off the water in the water purifier. Please do not disassemble it yourself.

 What are the water purifier maintenance methods?

 1. Do not move the water purifier after installation.

 Some people use the water purifier when they need to move there. There are many pipes in the water purifier. The movement may damage the internal components of the water purifier and affect the operation of the machine.

 2, remember to clean more after installation

 We should perform a short cleaning of the water purifier before using the water purifier. Since each new filter has a protective liquid, we need to turn the machine on for a while to flush out the protective liquid.

 3, remember to replace the filter regularly

 Replace according to the length of time the water purifier is used.  Any water purifier must be replaced regularly.  The filter element is the core component of the water purifier.  When purchasing a water purifier, it is necessary to know the use time of the filter element and replace it when it needs to be replaced.

 4. Do not change the machine parts at will.

 Household water purifier accessories can not be blindly replaced, each manufacturer's water purifiers usually have differences, when we have problems with the machine, we must not change the machine parts at will.

 5, the water purifier should be placed in the place where the principle of sunlight.

 Due to direct sunlight, the inside of the filter bottle may breed cyanobacteria, which is harmful to the human body.  If the temperature is too high, you can give the water purifier a facility to block the sun.  Maintain a water purifier that will bring a cleaner and healthier drink to your life.  Life is busy, don't forget to do the water purifier for your home.