Support: air source heat pump water heater cleaning steps

Support: air source heat pump water heater cleaning steps

 First, air source heat pump cleaning


 1. When the heat pump is cleaned, it must be shut down first.

 2. The cleaning of the air source heat pump unit should include three parts.

 First, the pipeline filter is cleaned. First, the γ-type filter on the pipeline is removed, and the impurities on the filter mesh in the filter are washed.  Then put it back in place


 Secondly, the evaporator is partially cleaned, firstly, the special heat pump fin lotion ratio is uniformly sprayed onto the evaporator, and the impurities on the evaporator are separated from the evaporator by (5-10) minutes.  Then use the high-pressure water spray gun to rinse the evaporator. Third, the condenser (replacement) cleaning, firstly mix the proportion of the citric acid rinse agent with the water.  Use a water pump and an already prepared citric acid rinsing agent and a colder (replacement) for circulation cleaning.  The citric acid clearing agent is drained in a cycle (20-30) minutes.  Then use tap water and a condenser (replacement) for circulation cleaning.  Cycle (5-10) minutes and drain the tap water again and wash it with tap water (2-4) times.


 3. The cleaning of the heat pump main body casing and corresponding parts is simple, as long as a little soap powder and detergent are added to the water.


 Second, the heat pump maintenance after cleaning


 Before the heat pump is turned on, you must do a comprehensive inspection. Check whether the heat pump unit and other ancillary equipment (circulating water pump; solenoid valve; check valve;) are normal. According to the results of the inspection, under the guidance of professional and technical personnel, do a good job of maintenance.  Or replace

 Maintenance cleaning main heat pump condenser (replacement); evaporator; cleaning, filter, and then start i

 Heating speed and effect


 Third, the maintenance during the boot process


 After the air source heat pump is turned on, depending on the environmental factors, climatic conditions, number of power-on hours, surrounding dust, air cleanliness, dryness, etc., many factors determine the number of maintenance during the start-up of the heat pump.  The environment is not good enough, the pipeline is aging, the old heat pump of the heat pump is turned on for a long time, and the number of maintenance of the heat pump during the startup process is too large, usually maintained once a year.  If the environmental conditions are good, the heat pump is relatively new, the air is less dusty, the heat pump is configured properly, and the maintenance cycle can be extended appropriately. The heat pump is turned on and carefully, without leaving a dead angle.  Meet the standard, improve the heating speed and heating effect, and achieve more energy saving


 Fourth, maintenance after shutdown


 If it is not used for a long time, the condenser in the air source heat pump unit (replacement) and the water in the water tank should be drained clean.  Disconnect the power

 5. How many times should the air source heat pump be cleaned?


 The air source heat pump industry has proven for many years that air source heat pump machines are best cleaned 1-2 times a year.