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From domestic to international comprehensive utilization of new energy, Ai Nengju (Gerne brand products) has become an integrated innovator in China's new energy field. In the new development journey, adhering to the "high-mindedness, loyalty, and long-term success" as the corporate development philosophy, "developing green and environmentally friendly new energy products", "dedication to care for loyalty and enterprising" core values, "creatively provide customers with The management concept of "valuable service" insists on contributing to the harmonious and sustainable development of human society.

8 reasons to join us:
1. Rich engineering installation experience
Has many years of engineering installation experience. It has rich theoretical and practical experience in the construction of large drinking water equipment, hot water projects and solar street lamps.

2. Core technology, industry leading
Jointly developed and manufactured by a number of international organizations, with first-class cutting-edge technology research and development institutions, and the uniqueness of products has been imitated, but never surpassed.

3. Rich profits
Glysh products have the largest and most advanced production line and stable supply channels in the industry. From the accessories to the whole machine, the automated production technology and assembly line platform are used to reduce the intermediate links and fully guarantee the profit margin of the operators.

4. Strong market driving force
Use a variety of social media such as collaborative promotion and public interest to increase the brand's influence. In particular, we showcased our exhibits at different exhibitions and improved the brand's influence at home and abroad.

5. Consultant sales, no worries
The company has a mature sales team and sales model, a comprehensive system of training mode, regardless of the location of the store, store decoration, market operations have corresponding training, written information and personnel training. There are successful cases for reference and reference, whether from terminal sales to channel development or to engineering group purchases and stores to have relevant personnel guidance.

6. Industry complementarity differences stand out
Differentiated positioning: market-oriented, to support customers as the focus of work, to achieve win-win development as the ultimate goal.

7. Perfect marketing, free material support
Materials include: demonstration materials, brand promotion materials, specialty store materials, opening materials, after-sale materials, etc.

8. Field trips, verify strength
Whether the manufacturer has strength or not, the best way is to conduct on-the-spot investigations. The company invites all parties to conduct on-the-spot investigations and negotiate face to face.

With the above 8 reasons, Grenai brand air energy, water purification equipment, solar street light projects are worthy of your joining!