Air energy heat pump

Air energy heat pump

The air source heat pump is a compressor driven by electric energy, compressing low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant, and turning it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The down refrigerant becomes liquid, and enters the evaporator after the expansion valve. In the low-pressure environment of the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant evaporates to a gaseous state, and absorbs a large amount of heat. At the same time, the air flows through the evaporator under the action of the fan, the heat is absorbed in large quantities, and then becomes low-temperature cold air and is discharged. The refrigerant that has absorbed a certain amount of heat will return to the compressor and enter the next cycle. Refrigeration is a reverse circulation process, and ultimately it also transmits energy through the water tank.

Knowing the working principle of the air source heat pump, we can see that the air source heat pump achieves cold and heat transfer through water circulation. The terminal interface can be hot water, or the end of heating and cooling, so the air source heat pump can collect heating. , Refrigeration and hot water in one. It is worth mentioning that the air source heat pump technology for making hot water is a relatively simple technology for the development of air source products. Heating and cooling technology is difficult, especially for heating in cold areas.

The air source heat pump unit can not only make domestic hot water, but also heat in winter and cool in summer. Due to the breakthrough of air source heat pump technology, the air source heat pump can not be affected by the warmth of the climate and environment, and can be used under all conditions. It can be used not only in ordinary households and commercial places, but also in large places such as central heating.

In fact, the air source heat pump technology is recognized by ordinary users for its comfort, and the one-to-one customized service effectively guarantees the needs of ordinary users for heating, hot water, and refrigeration, and is highly praised by users.

Air source heat pump technology has been unprecedentedly popularized in the country's "coal-to-electricity" rectification of air pollution, coal-fired boilers and loose coal treatment, and has played a mainstay role as an important facility for clean energy. Approved. Of course, here we mainly talk about the promotion of air source heat pump heating technology.

Conservative According to conservative estimates, air source heating will present hundreds of millions of markets in the future, and will usher in the market reorganization of the air source heating industry. At present, the air heating industry has entered a turning point in the development of the industry. The emerging heating market has caused air source heating companies to grow like mushrooms. The industry has entered a strong market competition. Under this general trend, air source heating companies are The development of technology is in full swing and the Chinese heating market is laid out. A new round of industry development.